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The application of natural pigments

       Color, flavor and taste, food-shaped sensory traits constitute the four elements. And food color, food to food who is the first visual impression of the senses. Red strawberries, citrus orange, purple grapes, golden pear, is a pleasure, to stimulate people's appetite. By light, heat, oxygen, such as shadow fading noon due to the processing of food or the loss of the normal color of food, make people feel disgust, and even that has changed the immediate loss of appetite, reduce the subjective value of the commodity. Therefore, the natural color, natural color of food color can feel natural, health, safety, food processing, landscaping, food, food in terms of sales is very important!
            Natural pigments from the natural growth of the natural plant pigment extracted from a natural color, unique flavor, safety, etc., in line with the consumer trend of food health requirements, more favored by the market.
         As of May 15, 2008, China allowed a total of 43 kinds of natural pigment, the specific varieties are as follows:
         Radish red, red rice red, safflower yellow, gardenia yellow, gardenia blue, red shellac, sodium copper chlorophyll, yellow tea, tea green pigment, multi-Sui Ke rice, citrus yellow, black red, black gallon red , red rice, Monascus Red, peanuts clothing red, turmeric, curcumin, caramel, Rosa Brown, yellow chrysanthemum extract, cocoa shell color, orange pepper, pepper red, blue tablet fruit red, red Basella , Roselle red, Buddleja yellow, red grape skin, red mulberry, sea buckthorn yellow color axillaris, natural amaranth red, brown acorn shell, cochineal red, bixin, lutein, potassium copper chlorophyllin, corn yellow, more orange-red, blue algae, plant carbon black, red shikonin.
         With the improvement of living standards in the food of choice, people will pay more attention to safety, health, and even health care products function, in view of this, food processing enterprises in the food production in the choice of colorants will tend to have a shading function, and There are nutrition and health of the natural pigment, out on the mere mention of the chemical synthesis of color pigments has become a trend in the food given to multi-functional natural pigments will have broader prospects!

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