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Brief  Introduction

Yunnan Tonghai Yang Natural Products Co., Ltd, a new & high-tech enterprise and  member of China Food Additive & Ingredients Association, is one of the leading  enterprises of agricultural industrialization with key support by governments. The company was founded in 1996 with land area more than 20000. All production equipments in the company are made of stainless steel. At present, the main natural colors we manufacture and sell are: deodorized Tonghai Radish Red, deodorized Red Cabbage Color, deodorized Purple Sweet Potato Color, Carthamus Yellow, Grape Skin Extract,  Gardenia Yellow, Gardenia Blue,  Red Rice Red, Lac Dye Red  ( Lac Red )  , Curcumin etc. We also produce Tea Polyphenol,Honeysuckle Flower Extract and RosemarExtract. Over 95% of our products have  been exported  to the USA, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Chile, and many European countries and regions, like Denmark, France and Italy.

        We sincerely welcome enterprises both in China and from abroad to cooperate with us, on the mutual benefit and conspire development together.

Tonghai Radish Red is the 1st natural color for Geographic Indication Protection (PGi) product in China. Our Company has passed ISO9001, HACCP, KOSHER,HALAL and Organic Certification.

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