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Gardenia Yellow, a pure natural and water soluble food color ,is extracted from the gardenia fruit of madder family (Gardenia jasmimoides ELLIS) by the process of crushing, extracting, filtrating, purifying, concentrating, sterilizing, spraying & drying. The main coloring ingredient is crocin and crocetin.


Gardenia Yellow is a yellow powder, can be dissolved in water and alcohol solution easily. It has a good resistance to light and temperature in neutral and weak alkaline mediums.

   ·Quality Standard


Enterprise Standard


Yellow Powder

Color Value E     1%1cm440±5nm


Loss on Drying 

%  Less than



%  Less than


Leadas Pb       

mg/kg Less than


Arsenicas As

mg/kg Less than


Aerobic plate count

cfu/g less than


Pathogenic Bactenia


   ·Applications and Usage Instruction(in compliance with GB2760:Hygienic standards for uses of food additives)

Gardenia  Yellow can be Widely used in instant rice & flour products, fresh-wet pastas and noodles and like products, fresh dried pastas and noodles and like products, fillings for cereal products, cocoa products, chocolates and chocolate products, fruit-flavoured beverages, beverages of fruit and vegetable juice (pulp) , frozen drinks(edible ice excluded) , cakes, preserved fruits,jelly, puffed food,canned nuts & seeds, imitation wine, fried nuts and seeds, salted vegetable, biscuit, fillings for bakery wares, cooked meat (poultry) ,seasonings, solid beverages.

       When use Gardenia Yellow, dissolve the color with a small amount of water first, and then mix the color solution with food materials


   ·Usage Reference(in compliance with GB2760:Hygienic standards for uses of food additives)
      The maximum usage limit for instant rice & products is 1.5g/kg,for raw-wet flour products is 1.0g/kg, for cereal products
fillings is 0.2g/kg,and for other products is 0.3g/kg.
   ·Legal registered number
     CNS NO:08.112 KFDA NO: Natural Additives,58 CAS NO:42553-65-1 Japanese NO:Natural Additives,136

Powder is packed with corrugated box, carton, or plastic drum with inner double plastic bags, net weight is 10kg or 20kg for each container. Liquid is packed with plastic drum, net weight is 20kg.Package standards are also available according to consumer‵s demand.


Sealed, avoid light, store in a cool and dry place.

·Shelf Life

If the storage condition attains as mentioned above, powder is two years from production date. Once opened, should seal up again and use within six months.

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